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The easy way to connect to your healthcare.

MyUPMC is the new, comprehensive way to connect to your healthcare. With a single login to MyUPMC, you have access to outpatient medical information and doctor communication, UPMC AnywhereCare for round-the-clock online medical visits, UPMC Health Plan, bill paying, and more.

Here's a sample of what you can do on MyUPMC:


Manage your health online.

MyUPMC lets you communicate with your doctor and access your medical records anytime, anywhere, through your computer or tablet.

With MyUPMC you can:

  • Get advice securely from your doctor’s office
  • View test results and medical history for adults and children
  • Renew prescriptions
  • Request appointments
  • Pay bills or ask billing questions
  • Manage family health records
  • Track chronic conditions
  • Go mobile with an app for iPhone and Android devices

Get fast, online medical treatment

When you're feeling under the weather, get fast, online medical treatment from wherever you are in Pennsylvania...with UPMC AnywhereCare!

UPMC AnywhereCare

With UPMC AnywhereCare you can:

  • Get 24/7 online medical care, 365 days a year - from wherever you are in Pennsylvania. Treatment for ages three and up.
  • Receive treatment for many common symptoms and diagnoses.
  • Start feeling better...fast!
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